Jamie was a delight to work with! He was very thorough and thoughtful about all of our options and was honest about every possible outcome. He listened to all my concerns and was very helpful in answering all my questions. He was very reasonably priced and willing to work with me on everything! He and his team were phenomenal! Couldn't recommend better!!

Makayla H

Mr James Swindle is the best attorney I ever met, I called most of the lawyers in Brunswick and none of them acted like my case is important. He's the only one who could really helps me when I'm in need and I'm very appreciated for the things that he does for me. He understand my situations and willing to help me. I would highly recommend to anyone. Thanks again Mr.Swindle.!

Bobby T

A few months back my son was in the,let's just say major need of a good lawyer,and after searching my son was very grateful to have found Mr. Swindle. To having been blessed would be a better word I should say, because after our first appointment with Mr. Swindle he not only took his time speaking with us and most importantly my son and I felt as though my son's case was important. I can honestly say that if ever I will need the work of an Attorney, it will hands down be Mr. Swindle. Thank you again for all you done for my son
Ms. Q.

Sonya L

A very fine, honest, diligent and amicable attorney. I was truely amazed at the excellent performance! Mr. Swindle certainly has a bright future.

Eric S

Full disclosure. Jamie Swindle is my brother. However, I do not write or say anything that is not true.

Mr Swindle clerked for my firm in Carrollton for three years. I have seen thousands of young lawyers make their way in their profession.

I can say without hesitation that Mr Swindle is in the top 2-3 young lawyers I have ever worked with.

His natural legal talent, ability to influence other people, and strong work ethic combine to create a super lawyer.

A. S

Mr. Swindle was an excellent attorney. He really made me feel like my case was important to him. I highly recommend Mr. Swindle! He will not disappoint!

Dakota G

Jamie was awesome to work with. He was very professional and helped me out immensely!

Becca P

James is a Great lawyer he knows his business and hes a go getter.Hes going to be the next top dog in Ga.


Young but excellent attorney. Passionate about his cases. Highly recommend!

Asria D